Lab Rabbit IVC Cage
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Lab Rabbit IVC Cage
Lab Animal Equipment, Lab Animal cage.
Laboratory Animal IVC , Laboratory IVC , Individual Ventilated Cages for laboratory mouse and rat, Lab IVC,separate ventilated cage for mouse can rat, IVC host, Laboratory Mouse IVC,Laboratory Rat IVC, Laboratory RABBIT IVC,

Specialized supply of laboratory animal equipment in China

Products including: 

1. Laboratory Animal IVC , Laboratory IVC , Individual Ventilated Cages for laboratory mouse and rat, Lab IVC,separate ventilated cage for mouse can rat, IVC host, Laboratory Mouse IVC,Laboratory Rat IVC, Laboratory RABBIT IVC, 

2. Laboratory Rodent breeding cages,Rat cages, Lab animal cages,Lab animal equipment, Mouse Tub, Rat Tub

3. Laminar Flow Cabinet, Mouse laminar flow rack, Rabbit Laminar Flow Rack,Rat Laminar flow Rack,

4. Laboratory cages, Guinea Pig Cage, rabbit cage, monkey cage, cat cage, tree line cage,

5. Metabolic cage,metabolism Cage,

6. Operation table, autopsy table


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