SPF Rabbit Cage with rack
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SPF Rabbit Cage with rack
Rodent Cage rack
Mouse Cage Rack
Rabbit Cage rack
Guinea Pig Cage with Rack
Lab animal Cage rack
Rodent Breeding Cage
Laboratory animl Cage
Mice Cage
Laboratory rodent cage
Laboratory animal equipment
Laboratory rodent cage
Rodent Tub
Cages for mouse and rat

Shanghai Pretty Industries Co.,Ltd is dedicated in animal industries for many years. We have products involved in laboratory animals,lovely pet industries, aquaculture industries and agriculture industries.
Our laboratory animal equipment are including: Individual Ventilated Cages(IVC) for mouse and rats, Isulator, SPF Laminar flow cabinet, rodent breeding cages,Laboratory cages for monkeys,Laboratory cages for rabbits,laboratory cages for dogs and pigs,metabolic cage for animals.et Thoese products are inspected to meet international standard.
Based on high quality and competitive price ,good service, our products are warmly welcomed by customers in and abroad Countries.

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Rodent Cage rack

Mouse Cage Rack

Rabbit Cage rack

Guinea Pig Cage with Rack

Lab animal Cage rack

Rodent Breeding Cage

Laboratory animl Cage

Mice Cage

Laboratory rodent cage

Laboratory animal equipment

Laboratory rodent cage

Rodent Tub

Cages for mouse and rat

Shanghai Pretty Industries Co.,Ltd is dedicated in animal industries for many years. We have products involved in laboratory animals,lovely pet industries, aquaculture industries and agriculture industries.

Our laboratory animal equipment are including: Individual Ventilated Cages(IVC) for mouse and rats, Isulator, SPF Laminar flow cabinet, rodent breeding cages,Laboratory cages for monkeys,Laboratory cages for rabbits,laboratory cages for dogs and pigs,metabolic cage for animals.et Thoese products are inspected to meet international standard.

Based on high quality and competitive price ,good service, our products are warmly welcomed by customers in and abroad Countries.

Shanghai Pretty Industries Co.,Ltd

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